Raising Funds for Good Causes is Why We Do This


As well as bringing big name acts to the area, and providing a great afternoon and evening of entertainment for local people, the other main aim of Sheb Farm Fest has been to raise funds for causes we care about. Over the last three years, Sheb Farm Fest has raised over £6,000 for charity and community causes with those funds split amongst organisations like - The North Devon Hospice, Cancer Research, Save The Children, and Shebbear Village Hall.

Once more in 2018 all proceeds from the popular Cake Shop and Cafe will be going to Charity.

North Devon Hospice

Our main charity partner is The North Devon Hospice, an organisation providing care to those that need it, for people within an 800 square mile area.

To date, we've raised over £4,000 for the North Devon Hospice, including £2,000 in 2017. We look forward to helping them even more in the future.

You can find out more about the Hospice, their work and the support they need by visiting their website.

Save the Children

Cancer Research